Healthy food for dogs also means healthy snacks :) Since a lot of dogs are prone to allergies to grain, chicken and beef, these snacks do not contain any of those ingredients. There are also no artificial additives in these snacks.

We offer a small assortment of snacks an trainers, which are all made of dried meat, organs or skin.

NATUER, the supplier for these snacks, originated in Friesland, a Dutch province which is known for its beautiful green surroundings. They have specialised in producing 100% natural, hypo-allergene, gluten- and grainfree snacks which have been dried by using traditional methods. All snacks are 100% free of artificial additives and are sold at an honest price. Nature, origine and surroundings are also very important when it comes to the creation of these snacks. By treating your dog to these healthy snacks, you also contribute to animal welfare!

All snacks are made from animals which died of natural causes and old age. None of the animals were killed for the purpose of providing ingredients. 
My suppliers personally check every animal before using their skin, organs or meat for making the treats.

Due to customs legislations, these snacks can only be offered to customers within the European Union.

You can find the assortment here: